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  •  30.11.2023

    The case for a Vice-President for Future Generations in the next European Commission

  •  10.11.2023

    The resurgence of industrial policy – safeguarding jobs in future-fit sectors

  •  04.10.2023

    Industrial policy is back – and that’s a good thing

  •  31.07.2023

    Recommendations on the skills gap in the German heating transition

  •  07.07.2023

    Sustainability and wellbeing front and centre of EU Strategic Foresight

  •  22.05.2023

    Beyond Growth 2023 Conference – a journal

  •  14.02.2023

    New 'Economic Resilience Index' finds big differences in how EU economies can handle crises

  •  02.02.2023

    First meeting of the Energy Independence Council - For a long-term strategy for Germany's gas phase-out

  •  12.10.2022

    'Fit für die Zukunft?' - A collaborative study with the Bertelsmann Foundation

  •  19.09.2022

    The ZOE New Economics Fellowship Programme

  •  17.01.2022

    ZOE launches its newsletter: The Future-fit Economies Update

  •  26.11.2021

    Understandable monthly heating information as a key to reducing consumption

  •  27.08.2021

    Moving Europe towards 1.5-Degree Lifestyles

  •  09.06.2021

    Member States struggling to deliver systemic transformation through their NRRPs

  •  29.06.2020

    Towards a sustainable Europe: ZOE Institute launches one of a kind policy-website “Sustainable Prosperity made in Europe”

  •  18.06.2020

    ZOE participated in the workshop about "Doughnut4EU"

  •  14.01.2020

    ZOE comments on German National Strategy for Sustainable Development

  •  14.01.2020

    ZOE identifies leverage points for sustainable prosperity

  •  20.12.2019

    ZOE at the German Bundestag and EU Parliament

  •  12.12.2019

    ZOE organized policy lab with the European Commission

  •  25.11.2019

    ZOE research meeting

  •  23.10.2019

    Dr Christoph Gran at Directorate-General for Research and Innovation

  •  01.09.2019

    ZOE Institute published report "Decoupling Debunked"

  •  31.07.2019

    20 innovative and inpatient care facilities for the elderly are project partners

  •  31.07.2019

    Sustainable prosperity - made in Europe