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  • How can the EU finance investment for a resilient and competitive economy?

    Creating a just and green transition by securing investments

  • Shaping the future of EU governance: Towards a just transition

    What role can welfare states play?

  • Fair energy policy for crises and transitions

    How can we govern the energy transition while managing and learning from crises?

  • Equity, consumption, and the path to sustainable welfare

    Can welfare fix the problems that growth creates?

  • Beyond Growth 2023 Conference

    It is time we find strategies that allow our societies to thrive – beyond growth.

  • Living Well within Limits

    Paving the way for post-growth deals

  • Governance via algorithm?

    Rethinking the role of technology for fair and just societies

  • Future-fit housing policy: Social and financial dimensions

    Erkundung aktueller Trends und Probleme auf den Wohnungsmärkten und im Wohnungswesen

  • Overcoming populist challenges to social cohesion

    Utilising progressive ideas and discourses for political stability

  • The relevance of regional divides for the green transition

    Facilitating a green transition that leaves no one behind

  • Meeting basic needs within planetary boundaries

    Putting human wellbeing and social cohesion centre-stage

  • How digital and social media shape public perception

    How can truth and trust survive in today's media ecosystem?

  • Digitalisation and the green transition

    Learning about redirecting digital technologies towards a green sustainability transformation

  • Workshop: Squaring the circle?

    Joining forces to liberate social and political stability from the need of continuous economic growth

  • Webinar: (Green) growth for good?

    Critical discussion of whether economic growth can be reconciled with green and just economies.

  • Become a Leader of Change

  • Doughnut Economics with EU policymakers

    A webinar for EU policymakers to introduce the concept of the Doughnut Economics Framework

  • Shaping Changes in the Built Environment to meet 1.5-Degree Lifestyles

    Co-hosted by ZOE Institute for Future-fit Economies and DG GROW, European Commission

  • Assessing NRRPs through the Recovery Index for Transformative Change

    Wie kann die Bewertung der nationalen Aufbau- und Resiliencepläne dazu beitragen, den Weg für eine systemische sozial-ökologische Transformation zu ebnen?

  • EU Policy Roundtable and Workshops: Assessing a Green and Just Economic

    How can the assessment of the National Recovery and Resilience Plans contribute to shape long-term systemic change towards a Just Transition, Biodiversity conservation and a Circular Economy?

  • Development cooperation and post-growth in dialogue. An interactive seminar

    What would post-growth pathways in the Global North imply for countries of the Global South?

  • The Policy Lab: Sustainable Prosperity made in Europe

    A co-creative event to focus economic policymaking on sustainability and wellbeing

  • Symposium: From urban agriculture to edible cities

    What are challenges and chances for approaching sustainable urban socio-ecological systems?

  • Presentation: Status Quo of Economic Education in Germany

    How social norms emerge and become stable?