We introduce ourselves

We have long advocated a plurality of economic perspectives and have already successfully promoted change.
As an interdisciplinary team, we combine comprehensive economic expertise with experience from other fields. These encompass strategic public relations, impact-oriented project development, policy consulting and education.
Jonathan Barth
Strategic Advisor & Communications, Project Coordinator
Jonas Bothe
Team Coordination and Human Resources, Project Coordinator
Tanja Brumbauer
Capacity Building, Project Coordinator
Dr. Christoph Gran
Finance & Accounting, Postdoctoral Researcher
Jakob Hafele
Strategy and Organizational Development
Sarah Mewes
Project Development, Project Coordinator
Fellows support our work with their expertise and ideas. ZOE serves as a translator and makes their contributions available to politics, business and society.
Advisory Board
As a Think & Do Tank we bring together thought leaders for a future-fit economy. We interact with a broad network of experienced sustainability researchers and economists. Out of this, we have already inspired six international experts and pioneers of new economic thinking to support our work.
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brand
Professor of International Politics, University of Vienna
Prof. Dr. Silja Graupe
Professor of Economics and Philosophy, Cusanus University
Prof. Tim Jackson
Professor of Sustainable Development, University of Surrey
Prof. Kate Raworth
Senior Visiting Research Associate, University of Oxford
Prof. Dr. Angelika Zahrnt
Honorary Chair, Friends of the Earth Germany

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