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Together with our partners, we search for new, innovative economic solutions for the 21st century on the basis of our topics.

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  • Transformational Industrial Policy

    Setting the frame for a European green and just transition

  • WISE Horizons

    The WISE Horizons project seeks to accelerate systemic change towards a new economic paradigm with wellbeing, inclusion, and sustainability at its core.

  • Towards a thriving Europe beyond economic growth

    Measuring what counts: mainstreaming wellbeing and sustainability in policymaking

  • Energy Independence Council

    Developing a feasible and ambitious strategy to reduce Germany's dependence on natural gas

  • Speaker Series: Social Policy Unpacked

    Exploring pathways for fair green and digital transitions

  • Future Generations Governance

    ZOE supports the Network of Institutions for Future Generations to promote long-term thinking and governance for present and future generations

  • Rethinking governance in the EU

    Changing the ‘how’ of policymaking through new methods and tools

  • EU Wellbeing Economy Coalition

    A civil society coalition for moving policy beyond economic growth towards a wellbeing economy

  • Conceptualising and Measuring Economic Resilience

    Guiding our economies to become resilient to external shocks and crises

  • Fiscal Policy for a Thriving Europe

    Making the EU fiscal framework fit for the green and just transition

  • Wellbeing Economy Policy Design

    A project which supports four pilot cities through the process of designing and implementing policies for the wellbeing economy, using the Wellbeing Economy Policy Design Guide

  • Thriving Cities Initiative

    A pilot project for pioneering cities who aim to transition to more equitable and sustainable economies and lifestyles to achieve the targets of the Paris agreement

  • More quality of life, less environmental consumption

    Gemeinsam mit dem Umweltbundesamt unterstützt ZOE die Umsetzung von Projektideen mit Bezug auf Suffizienzpolitik

  • Recovery Index for Transformative Change

    Analysis of 13 EU Member States through newly developed, Recovery Index for Transformative Change

  • Policy Pathways towards 1.5-Degree Lifestyles

    This project explores how to translate research on sustainable living into ambitious and transformative policies at the EU level.

  • A Green Economic Recovery in Europe

    This project explores how post-pandemic stimulus packages can be deployed in a way that benefits people, planet and prosperity.

  • Exchange Group: Just Transition in the European Car Industry

    The project aims to contribute to the implementation of the European Green Deal in the car industry.

  • Putting beyond growth into action - An EU advocacy strategy for FINGO

    The project aims to develop an advocacy strategy to translate existing proposals for an economy beyond growth into political action.

  • Better quality of life, less environmental consumption

    User-oriented development of sufficiency policy project outlines in the environmental department

  • Policy Strategies beyond Green Growth (DECOUPLE)

    Analysis of absolute decoupling and policy proposals for sufficiency

  • Economic complexity and financial markets in the EU

    How can economic and financial policies strengthen European cohesion?

  • International distributive effects of resource efficiency

    What are the international distributive effects of increasing resource efficiency?

  • Environmental Costs and Alternative Welfare Measures

    How can environmental and welfare aspects be better integrated into existing economic models?

  • Basic Pension

    What can a prototype for a company-funded basic pension look like?

  • Pupils Make School

    What could a new curriculum for economics and politics look like?

  • Sustainable Care

    How can we creatively counter cost pressure in care facilities?

  • Policymaking Beyond Growth

    Which instruments and processes can help EU policy to focus on social and environmental objectives?

  • Economic Growth Imperatives

    Why can't the economy stop growing? An analysis of problems and causes.