Recovery Index for Transformative Change

ZOE Institute, in partnership with the New Economics Foundation, developed the Recovery Index for Transformative Change (RITC) to assess whether Member States’ NRRPs will contribute to the necessary transformation of society as part of our work engaging with the Recovery and Resilience Facility. Using the RITC, ZOE Institute has assessed 13* Member States’ NRRPs and the potentials and risks of the investments and reforms within using criteria for natural world, a just transition and systemic change.  Below we provide country level analysis of each of the 13 countries that we analysed, as well as a deeper reflection and explanation of the methodology we used for this analysis, and the Recovery Index for Transformative Change.

Country Profiles

Austria Belgium Denmark
France Germany Italy
Latvia Poland Portugal
Slovakia Slovenia Spain



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Project team

Christiny Miller
Junior Consultant
Elizabeth Dirth
Organisational Development Lead
Lydia Korinek
Policy Consultant
Jonathan Barth
Co-Founder and Policy Director
Jakob Hafele
Co-Founder and Managing Director