Jonathan Barth

Co-Founder and Policy Director

Personal Profile


Jonathan's research interests encompass the transformative potential of the European Green Deal, economic modelling, trade-offs in environmental policymaking, pluralist economics, transformation research and the energy transition. Further competencies include several advanced training courses in process design and moderation, he is a speaker and organizational developer.


Jonathan Barth is the policy director and one of the managing directors of ZOE Institute for Future-fit Economies. His key area of focus is the European Green Deal where he is advising European policymakers how to implement transformative policies. He holds a graduate degree in environmental modelling with a focus on socio-economic systems from University of Oldenburg. In addition, he serves as member of the Think Tank 30 of the Club of Rome Germany and the scientific working group on sustainable money. He is a regular speaker on sustainable and inclusive economic policymaking, Post-growth economics European policy and pluralist economics.
Phone: +4915792629902