WISE Horizons

Synthesising beyond-growth initiatives and co-creating future scenarios for wellbeing, inclusion and sustainability

ZOE is collaborating on the WISE Horizons project. WISE stands for Wellbeing, Inclusion, Sustainability & the Economy. WISE Horizons is a project funded by the European Union, in collaboration with leading global institutions and universities. It is coordinated by the Institute for Environmental Sciences at Leiden University. ZOE Institute is one of the partner organisations alongside the Paris School of Economics, The Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP) at the Universities of Surrey and York, SINTEF, and the Centre for Applied Research and Tsinghua University.

The WISE Horizons project seeks to accelerate systemic change towards a new economic paradigm with wellbeing, inclusion, and sustainability at its core. The project will create a synthesis of WISE indicators – presented in a special database – and WISE models for evidence-based modelling and policymaking. It also seeks to create a unifying theoretical framework and synthesise the current beyond-growth initiatives through a novel and open access WISE accounting framework.

The framework will be developed in co-creation with the WISE Stakeholder Platform which is a “network of networks” of a global community of policymakers, researchers, activists, among others. Want to get involved?

We invite you to join the WISE Horizons Network.

The project will further create a broad suite of environmental, social and economic indicators in a novel WISE accounting/database which will be made available through the WISE website.





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