Hanna Parnow

Transformative Organizational Consulting, Supervisor, Mediator

Personal Profile


Hanna Parnow is a human resources developer, business psychologist specializing in industrial and organizational psychology, and trainer for non-violent communication. She is also a mediator and lecturer for psychology, gender and organization at the TH Köln. In her work she focuses on two key topics. On the one hand she supports next-level organizations, new work, the introduction and implementation of self-organization in companies. On the other, she is an experienced moderator and facilitator in designing and supporting of transformation and co-creation processes with different stakeholder coalitions.


Hanna holds a diploma in media management and a master's degree in industrial and organizational psychology from Fresenius University. She is a qualified mediator, teacher for mediation training, a person-centered counselor and works as supervisor. Apart from that, she completed different trainings in Holacracy, Design Thinking, Group Dynamics and Collective Leadership. She has over 10 years of experience as an organizational consultant and leadership trainer and moderator.