Putting beyond growth into action - An EU advocacy strategy for FINGO

Developing an advocacy strategy to translate existing proposals for an economy beyond growth into political action

The project builds on the Finnish EU presidency conference in last October “Beyond Growth – Indicators and Politics for People and Planet”. On the co-creative event policymakers from the European Commission, member state officials, think tanks, NGOs, companies and researchers co-developed a list of recommendations how to focus EU policy making on environmental sustainability, social justice and human rights. The recommendations include proposals for wider issues like the implementation of the Agenda 2030, fiscal incentives and policy monitoring. It is complemented by proposals for environmental sustainability, trade policies and corporate accountability.

Together with Leida Rijnhout from Leapfrog2SDZOE-Institute is commissioned to develop a strategy how to link the recommendations of the Beyond Growth conference with exisiting policy processes. Thereby, ZOE advises FINGO how to create impact along the following topics:

  • Summary of exisiting barriers for beyond growth policies in public policy
  • Synthesis of policy recommendations on economic system change from the post-rowth discouse
  • Identification of EU policy processes relevant for advocacy
  • Translation of recommendations into policy specific messages
  • Analysis of stakeholders such as targets of advocacy and allies
  • Elaboration of actions for policy relations




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