ZOE research meeting

ZOE has established regular research meetings as an innovative tool to stregthen plural economic science. On this platform, scientists can further develop their research questions and initiate joint projects in an appreciative exchange.

There is a lot of competition in science. This has a quality assurance effect. At the same time, however, it leads to a lack of space for constructive criticism and mutual support. This regularly leads to the isolation of scientists. In addition, knowledge resources cannot be optimally used due to a lack of constructive exchange.
With the biannual research meetings ZOE has therefore created an institution that makes exactly this possible. The meetings serve 1) the individual further development of research questions and 2) the use of synergy effects to initiate new research projects. These are developed jointly with the nine ZOE Research Fellows on the basis of an innovative mix of methods and sincere feedback. The special quality is that the feedback comes from people with heterogeneous backgrounds, so that new perspectives flow into the various processes. The last meeting took place in November 2019, the next one is planned for February 2020.