The ZOE New Economics Fellowship Programme

The ZOE New Economics Fellowship Programme connects cutting-edge new economics research with public policy.

The ZOE New Economics Fellowship Programme co-creates a network of interdisciplinary experts, by bringing together impactful academics and policy professionals who embrace new economic thinking. Our Fellows work to answer key questions in the fields of the just transition, redefining prosperity, macroeconomics of the green transition, green industrial policy, policy pathways toward sustainable lifestyles, and governance for systemic change. ZOE serves as a translator and makes their contributions available to politics, business and society.

Our Fellows and Senior Fellows are individually profiled on the People page. Additionally, in September and October 2022, we’re introducing recently joined Fellows on our social media.

Check out #MeetOurNewFellows on Twitter and LinkedIn for insights into the expertise they bring and their most recent contributions to a future-fit economy.