Towards a sustainable Europe: ZOE Institute launches one of a kind policy-website “Sustainable Prosperity made in Europe”

Bonn, 29th June 2020 - Finally the time has come: ZOE Institute for future-fit economies announced its all-new website launch ‘Sustainable Prosperity made in Europe.’

Compiling the findings of our two-year ‘Policy-making beyond Growth’ project, our website addresses the key question: How can we create more resilient economies and societies? Can growth be the solution to it all? The website offers new perspectives on a growth-independent economic framework and serves as a platform that informs and reflects on concrete political sustainability strategies.

Addressing political decision-makers across policy domains, the website incorporates interactive content and multimedia surfaces to illustrate the interconnection and complexity of inherent issues. The core of the website lies in a unique, comprehensive policy database that lists more than 250 transformative policies and thus translates science directly into practical recommendations for action.

‘The launch of ZOE’s new website could not have been more timely. COVID-19 and its global economic implications have yet   again revealed the deep-rooted vulnerabilities of our socio-economic system. Now is the time to learn from this crisis  and rebuild an economy that is better prepared for future shocks. By decoupling economic well-being from growth imperatives, we can achieve long-term objectives of a stable economy whilst respecting planetary boundaries.’ – Tabea Waltenberg, project manager at ZOE Institute.

ZOE would like to thank all actors who have actively supported and accompanied the project.