'Fit für die Zukunft?' - A collaborative study with the Bertelsmann Foundation

Evaluating the potential of Impact Measurement & Valuation approaches to better understand companies' socio-ecological impact

How can we measure the socio-ecological impact companies have on society? In our new study “Fit für die Zukunft?” with the Bertelsmann Foundation, we examine and compare four Impact Measurement & Valuation (IMV) approaches that aim to survey the actual social and environmental impacts of business models, products, and services, making them measurable and transparent. To what extent do IMV approaches have the potential to contribute to a more sustainable economy?

Our analysis shows significant demand, both from corporate and academic perspectives, to consolidate existing IMV approaches while further developing and legitimising them based on research. In order to work through critical questions around the subject and apply Impact Measurement & Valuation as an effective tool for companies globally, collaboration between academia, businesses, and governments will be necessary.

Dive in and explore the study, written by Jakob Hafele and Zoe Elsner with the Bertelsmann Foundation (currently only available in German).