ZOE participated in the workshop about "Doughnut4EU"

Brussels, 5 – 6 March 2020 - The aim of the workshop was to explore in more detail how the Doughnut model could be applied in the EU context.

Doughnut4EU is a cross-DG working group that explores and advocates the application and further conceptualisation of the “Doughnut Economics” framework developed by Kate Raworth in EU analytical and policy frameworks. The group was set up as one of the operational results of the workshop on “Sustainable prosperity” organised by ZOE in December 2019.

The aim of the workshop organised on 5-6 March was to explore in more detail how the Doughnut model and the indicators used by the University of Leeds to assess countries with respect to their ability to thrive while respecting planetary boundaries and achieving social objectives could be applied in the EU context, and also how the model could be adjusted for concrete, operational use at regional or local level. This would require an identification of suitable indicators already available in EU law or policies. The workshop also explored and proposed steps for further collaboration and related future events, involving other DGs and other researchers as relevant.

The discussions and conclusions of the workshop, and the proposed follow-up initiatives, are even more relevant in the new context of the coronavirus pandemic and the related public health crisis.

If you are interested in participating in the Doughnut4EU discussion, please get in touch with our contact person or contact:

The conference was co-organised by DGs EMPL, ECFIN, ENV, JRC, R&I.