Inventory of EU indicators

Authors: Jonathan Barth, Ajda Pistotnek, Kaitoh Hidano, Théo Venturelli

This inventory complements the report A Compass towards 2030. This file includes over 450 indicators from:

  • The EU SDGs
  • Environmental Indicator Catalogue
  • European Pillar of Social Rights
  • New Cohesion Policy
  • European Semester
  • National Energy and Climate Plans
  • EU Energy Poverty Observatory
  • European Core Health Indicators
  • Health at a Glance Europe 2020
  • EU Multidimensional Inequality Monitoring Framework
  • EU Transport Scoreboard
  • Circular Economy
  • Biodiversity Strategy
  • Common Agricultural Policy
  • 7th Environmental Action Programme
  • EU Action Plan toward a Zero Pollution Ambition
  • EU Resource Efficiency Scoreboard
  • 8th Environmental Action Plan proposal

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