Sonia Kuhls

Research Assistant

Personal Profile


Sonia is a Reserach Assistant with ZOE Institute for Future-fit Economies. Since she started working with ZOE in April 2021, she has been pursuing the topic of industrial policy, focusing on the EU's transformation towards a sustainable and socially equitable economy. Sonia's work is inspired by her affection for our planet and its people and aims to contribute to their protection.


After completing her Bachelor's degree in Economics and Sociology at the University of Göttingen, Sonia first joined ZOE as an intern. Currently, she is enrolled in the Empirical Economics Master's program at the University of Graz while continuing her work with ZOE as a Research Assistant. On top of her propensity to think interdisciplinarily, Sonia has acquired a background in Pluralist Economics and is driven to integrate both perspectives into her analyses. Moreover, she is is enthusiastic about quantitative as well as qualitative methods in economic research. During her studies, Sonia held several positions as a student assistant, supporting research projects, offering tutorials and organizing lecture series, seminars and workshops.