Dr Sylvia Lorek

Adjunct Professor in Consumer Economics, University of Helsinki

Personal Profile


Sylvia’s research interests encompass home economics as well as economics. The combination of these two disciplines provides her with the tools - the individual micro-economic and the societal macroeconomic perspective - for the analysis and well-founded input into the scientific and societal discourses on sustainable lifestyles. Further competencies include broad experience in networks and networking, e.g to coordinate the NGO input into UN processes or supporting upcoming scientific and societal discourses in context of the Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative SCORAI Europe. Further on, she has a coordinating function in the Future Earth Knowledge Action Network on Systems for Sustainable Consumption and Production.


Sylvia studied home economics and nutrition in Münster and economics in Hagen, Münster and Duisburg. She received a doctoral degree from the University of Helsinki where she is Adjunct Professor in Consumer Economics. She worked at the Wuppertal Institute for 2 years end of the 1990’s and afterwards joined the Sustainable Europe Research Institute.