Ravi Tripathi

Former Economic Policy Consultant

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Ravi worked as an Economic Policy Consultant at ZOE, where his focus was on projects aimed at promoting economic resilience and adapting the EU's fiscal framework for a green and just transition. His expertise encompasses international political economy with a special emphasis on welfare states, labor markets, and sustainable development in Europe and emerging countries.


Ravi completed his law degree, followed by advanced studies in labor policy and globalization at the University of Kassel and the Berlin School of Economics and Law. He then obtained a master's degree in macroeconomics and finance from Kingston University in London and the University of Sorbonne Paris Nord. After his master's, he deepened his research and defended his Ph.D. on "Labour Market during the crisis: Questioning the German Model". Ravi has worked as a visiting scholar at various European research institutes and served as a Teaching Fellow at Sciences Po in Paris.

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