Our Educational Work

We want to make “business” and “economics” a tangible experience and work together with you to create scope for design. Design needs understanding of real contexts. That’s why we take a closer look at the complex world of “business” from various perspectives in our educational offerings, based on your personal questions.

This requires both a well-founded analysis of current challenges as well as the examination of diverse solution strategies in order to tread new paths that are fit for the future. This approach is reflected in the topics we offer.

Our Formats

Analysis and problem perception

  • Economics and me
  • Growth as constraint?
  • Economization
  • Imperial production and way of life
  • Climate change and resource extraction
  • Mental infrastructures
  • What is work?

Treading new paths

  • Post growth / Degrowth
  • Social-ecological transformation
  • What is sustainable economics?
  • Community Entrepreneurship
  • Commons
  • Sustainable Social Security

Our offer includes

  • Placement of speakers
  • Conception and implementation of seminars and workshops
  • Organisation of project days and training courses
  • Moderation of events
  • Methodological and didactic training courses for tutors and multipliers on specific topics

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