Become a Leader of Change

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»Leadership training for EU officials to navigate the complexity of the 1.5-degree transition pathway«

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We are navigating demanding times for policymaking. The multiple crises of climate change, the evolving war in Ukraine, and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic challenge you as policymakers and as persons.

Throughout five modules, the training “Become a leader of change” provides you with the unique opportunity to develop key skills to deal with these challenges together with a maximum of 19 other selected participants from different DGs. The training will take place between April and June 2022.

The ongoing multiple crises are calling for lasting solutions that address complexity amidst uncertainty. Complex challenges require collaboration from different experts and the ability to manage trade-offs between options. Together, you will find measures and strategies that contribute towards the EU’s multifaceted vision: limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees while ensuring that no one is left behind, as well as creating a resilient economy and society.

Oftentimes, policymaking remains focused on single problems and policies that lead to thematic and political silos. Too little space is left for understanding the big picture (systems thinking), creativity, co-creation, innovation, as well as reflection and sense-making.

This is where this leadership training comes in. The transition towards climate-neutrality is a complex challenge. As such, it needs to be addressed holistically and across policy-areas. The 1.5 transition pathway requires competencies and skills that enable out-of-the-box and systemic solutions. Incremental changes are not sufficient anymore.

By participating in the training, you can expect to:

  • Get a better understanding of interrelationships and interactions between the personal, organisational, and system levels
  • Apply the important elements of systems thinking to your daily challenges
  • Enhance co-creation and participatory leadership skills including teamwork, conflict management and giving feedback
  • Strengthen your personal resilience
  • Connect with colleagues from different DGs and form a network of transition experts that support each other in achieving ambitious green and just transformation agendas

This training is for you if you want to: (LEAD objectives)

  • Lead in driving the sustainability transformation forward and be part of a network of transition experts in the Commission
  • Explore your personal role and responsibility in this transition to climate-neutrality
  • Apply the acquired skills to your daily challenges in your job and learn to (better) respond to trade-offs and tensions
  • Develop skills and competencies to engage with complex challenges in the transition towards climate-neutrality from a systemic viewpoint

The training is developed and held by trainers from the ZOE Institute in cooperation with the experienced sustainable leadership practitioner Kurt Klusch and the leading climate psychologist Renée Lertzman.

Places are limited, so please reserve your spot by 25 March 2022.

22.04.2022 @ 14:00 - 24.06.2022 @ 16:00


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