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Our Vision

Zoe stands for life in ancient Greek. Aristotle translated it with the good life. At ZOE, we develop solutions and initiate changes that enable a good life within planetary boundaries.

What motivates us

Ten years after the financial crisis, global challenges have taken on a new dimension. Increasing social polarisation, ecological destruction and technological acceleration are fundamentally questioning our way of doing business as a whole. Modern economics is not in a position to formulate adequate responses to these challenges. It focuses on growth, profit maximisation and efficiency. Other perspectives are neglected. As a result, there is also a lack of new ideas in politics. This is where we come in.

Our Vision: Future-fit Economies

We want to live in economies that are individually, socially and ecologically sustainable. By this we mean economic systems that reduce exclusions, divisions and the overuse of natural resources. All people should have access to the fruits of global prosperity. Such economies can form the basis for societies that deal responsibly with the natural environment and provide dignified livelihoods for all people.

Our Mission: An Integrative & Sustainable Economic Transformation

We contribute to a sustainable economic tranformation with our expertise in consulting and educational work. We are committed to ensuring that the diversity of human needs and the ecological limits of our coexistence are the focus of economic action. To achieve this, we work together with all target groups that can shape change: economy, politics and society. After all, a sustainable economy needs both social innovations and changed ways of acting on the part of individuals. A changed economic policy framework must additionally scale these actions.

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