Tanja Brumbauer

Personal Profile


Tanja's research interests encompass transformative science, trans- and interdisciplinary research, grassroots movements in processes of socio-economic transformation, sustainable consumption and the role of work. Further competencies include the moderation and conception of seminars in extracurricular educational work, the establishment and development of organizations as well as board activities.


Tanja Brumbauer is a graduate of the Master of Economics at Cusanus University. She was a co-initiator of the working group "Plural Economics" at the University of Bayreuth and has been working for several years on the role of bottom-up initiatives in processes of socio-ecological change. She gained work experience in various research institutes and was employed as a student assistant at the Collaborative Center for Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP) in Wuppertal in 2015-2017. As a lecturer in extracurricular educational work, she conducts seminars on climate change, climate justice and utopias of social-ecological transformation.
Phone: 0228-38757602