Sarah Mewes

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Sarah's reserach interests encompass sustainable social security (especially old-age security), the culture of sustainability and organisational development in companies, economisation, the cultural history of the economy and qualitative and participatory social research. Further competencies include moderation and conception of seminars in extracurricular educational work and companies as well as mediation and process design.


Sarah Mewes (M.A.) studied economics at Cusanus University. Her focus is on a socio-scientific approach to economics. During her bachelor studies in Philosophy & Economics, she was active in the establishment of the working group Plural Economics Bayreuth and co-organized several lecture series. For several years now, she has focused on social security, especially old-age provision. In this context, she conducts transdisciplinary research in cooperation with practical partners, such as an occupational pension scheme. She is currently working on a pilot project for a basic occupational pension. She contributes this experience to the development of the research area "Sustainable Social Security". As a trained mediator, she is also involved in the process support of organisations.
Phone: 0228-38757602

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