Priscila Terenzi

Team Learning and Development Coordinator

Personal Profile


Priscila is leading learning & development internal initiatives and brings them in line with innovative approaches and ZOE’s organisational values and mission. She is also delivering training and capacity building, both internal and external as part of ZOE's strategic organisational development. Priscila is based in Berlin.


The essence of her work has always been about connecting people, whether it’s attracting the right talents, building a multicultural environment, leading L&D initiatives, or establishing a trustful relationship with internal & external stakeholders. Priscila holds a post-graduation degree in Business & People Management from Insper SP and has around 8+ years of experience in People & Project Management roles, having worked for different types of organisations in Brazil and Germany. Priscila is also a passionate activist for the environmental protection of the rainforest, having organised events and partnerships with Patagonia Berlin and other international organisations to bring awareness and connect NGOs and sustainable-community-based organisations in Brazil.