Marius Rommel

Personal Profile


Marius' research interests encompass post-growth economics, solidarity entrepreneurship, sustainable regional development, local economics and regional value creation cycles. Further competencies include project development, participative process design, moderation, workshops and lectures.


Marius Rommel (M.A.) is a sustainability economist and investigates the success conditions of transformative economic systems in the research project "nascent" at the University of Oldenburg. As a lecturer at the Netzwerk Wachstumswende and the Vereinigung für Ökologische Ökonomie (VÖÖ), he gives lectures throughout Germany on post-growth economics, solidarity enterprises and sustainable regional development. In addition, he is co-initiator of the Oldenburg Nutrition Council, founding member of Werkstatt Zukunft and co-organiser of a series of events on post-growth economics initiated by Niko Paech and Werner Onken.

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