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Our Strategy

In ancient Greek, Zoe means life or the good life. At ZOE, we work towards enabling a good life for all within planetary boundaries. To achieve this, we have developed a strategy consisting of various pillars, such as our core competencies, long-term goals, thematic priorities and set ourselves objectives for 2022-2025.

Our Vision

We envision an economy that enables humanity to live a good life in harmony with nature.
We imagine an economy that ensures a good life for everyone. One that enables participation, inclusion, and supports natural regeneration. Everyone should have access to the fruits of global prosperity, as part of a world where people contribute to each other’s dignity and wellbeing.

Our Mission

We apply new economic thinking to public policy, to co-create the transformation of our economic system towards this vision.
We adopt a systemic perspective to develop new ideas that put the needs of people and the health of the planet at the core of economic policy. Listening with empathy to key decision-makers, we co-create, explore, and seek to understand long-term solutions for the transformation of our economies. Connecting with multiple stakeholders at the interface between new economic thinking and public policy, we build policies that provide for and protect people, society, and the planet.
»An economic system that is fit for the future.«
We embark on this work because we believe in an economy that can provide a good life for all to thrive within our ecological limits.

Around us we see a world which overshoots our planet’s environmental limits while failing to provide a social minimum for all. Both within and outside Europe we see rising social polarisation. Rising inequality and regional divergence create momentum from extreme groups that destabilise democracies.

Currently, the rate at which we use our planet’s limited resources is not sustainable. The interlinked climate and biodiversity crises threaten our collective prosperity, wellbeing, and future. The economy sits at the heart of all of these challenges. Addressing these problems requires forging a new way of living, consuming, and producing.

This leaves us with the core question which guides our strategy: what economy provides a good life for all within the means of the planet?

Theory of Change

In the lifetime of this strategy, we aim towards changing the rules of the game so that public policy enables a just, social-ecological transformation of our society and economy.

Our Impact Goal
At the heart of our Theory of Change are three main steps through which we achieve impact: 1) Key decisionmakers and policymakers realise that a social-ecological transformation is desirable and possible. 2) New rules of the game are widely known and accepted as feasible. 3) Key stakeholders connect to push for change together.
More about the Theory of Change here

Our Approach

We engage in both the thinking and the doing of bringing new economic thinking in to public policy and focus on four thematic priorities to guide this work. These are our fields of application. Our thematic pillars are underpinned by three conceptual pillars: systems thinking, new economic thinking and co-creation. We understand these themes to be deeply
interlinked and interconnected. Across these thematic priorities, we create change through our core activities.

Graphic description of ZOE's approach

Our work is focused on thematic priorities to ensure our content contributes in delivering change in a way that is aligned with our strategy, mission and vision. Get to know more about our thematic priorities in the full strategy document linked below.


Our Strategic Objectives

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