Essay series: The economics of a green and just transition
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How to transition towards sustainable and equitable ways of living
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»ZOE is thinking and doing the new economics that this century calls for. «
Kate Raworth, Oxford University, member of our advisory board
Policymaking Beyond Growth
The scientific debate on sustainability is still controversial about the existence of "growth constraints" or "growth drivers". While many authors consider the fixation on economic and corporate growth to be a question of mentality, others assume that there is a structural growth constraint. They describe its cause with various explanatory approaches, the plausibility of which is disputed. The goals of the project are to provide a complete and detailed overview of the current state of the debate, to categorize and evaluate the causes, and to discuss ways forward at the level of economic order and policy.
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»Research on socio-ecological transformation often lacks economic perspectives. ZOE fills this important gap.«
Prof. Dr. Uwe Schneidewind, Mayor of Wuppertal